2000H Swarovski Rose Hotfix
2019H Swarovski Flat Back Round Spike Hot Fix
2035H Swarovski Chessboard Hotfix
2038/I Swarovski Rimmed Flat Back Hotfix
2038H, 2028H, 2012H Swarovski XILION Rose Hotfix
2078/I Swarovski Rimmed Flat Back Hotfix
2078H Swarovski XIRIUS Rhinestone
2080/4H Swarovski Cabochon Hotfix
2200H Swarovski Navette Hotfix
2201 Swarovski Marquis Flat Back Hotfix
2204H Swarovski Pure Leaf Hotfix
2205H Swarovski Flame Flat Back Hotfix
2300H Swarovski Drop Hotfix
2303 Swarovski Pear Flat Back Hotfix
2304H Swarovski Raindrop Hotfix
2364H Swarovski Flat Back Paisley X Hot Fix
2365H Swarovski Flat Back Paisley Y Hot Fix
2400H Swarovski Square Hotfix
2471H Swarovski Flat Back Cushion Hot Fix
2483H Swarovski Classic Square Hotfix
2494H Swarovski Starlet Flat Back Hotfix
2510H Swarovski Baguette Hotfix
2520H Swarovski Cosmic Hotfix
2555H Swarovski Cosmic Baguette Hotfix
2585H Swarovski Graphic Hotfix
2602 Swarovski Emerald Flat Back Hotfix
2610H Swarovski Rectangle Hotfix
2611H Swarovski Solaris Flat Back Hotfix
2709H Swarovski Rhombus Hotfix
2715H Connector Flat Back Hotfix
2716H Swarovski Rivoli Triangle Hotfix
2720H Swarovski Cosmic Delta Hotfix
2738H Triangle Alpha Flat Back Hotfix
2739H Triangle Beta Flat Back Hotfix
2740H Triangle Gamma Flat Back Hotfix
2753H Swarovski Edelweiss
2770H Swarovski Wing Hotfix
2771H Swarovski Kite Flat Back Hotfix
2772H Swarovski Trapeze Flat Back Hotfix
2773H Swarovski Diamond Flat Back Hotfix
2774 Elongated Pentagon Flat Back Hotfix
2775 Concise Pentagon Flat Back Hotfix
2776 Elongated Hexagon Flat Back Hotfix
2777 Concise Hexagon Flat Back Hotfix
2788H Swarovski Wave Hotfix
2797H Swarovski Diamond Leaf Hotfix
2808H Swarovski Heart Hotfix
2813H Swarovski Moon Flat Back
2816H Swarovski Rivoli Star Hotfix

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